did you know that brausrobbins bullied lesbians4hutaoo because they liked a straight girl?!
by dogloverrrrr July 17, 2021
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user brausrobbins on tiktok, aka suki, is a fan page for multiple shows, games, and comics including yttd, hxh and tbhk.

brausrobbins is an avid joe and alluka appreciator, and while many may think they’re a kind and outgoing person, he can also be extremely mean at times.

avoid bringing up sou from yttd AT ALL COSTS!!! this is a red zone for suki, meaning he can’t see reason when sou is brought into the conversation.
omg i had no idea user brausrobbins owns a leorio plushie!!!!
by urm0m!!<3 July 17, 2021
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