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Brainsqueezing is the hobby of a runt. When runts are bored they find it necessary to torment people (especially peachy) by brainsqueezing helpless victims. The way this is done is by placing both hands on either sode of the victims head and squeezing away like there is no tomorrow. This results in pain for the victim and causes them to yell out and be sent out of biology by the late great 'Mr Newman'. The word brain squeeze originates from 2 words; brain and squeeze.
1. Hey look Raphaelues Noethesus, here comes peachy! - Lets brainsqueeze him!

2. peachy - Ow!!! Holy FUCK that brainsquueze hurt!
by Doronellius Portnoilithus June 04, 2004
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1. When an object is inserted into each ear of the same person. Causing what looks like an action of squeezing the person's brain.
2. Commonly referred to a sexual act when 2 guys insert their penis into different ears on a female and thrust.
3. Similar to a live 2 person skull fuck.
That girl is an idiot, she must have been brain squeezed one too many times.
by soosh August 25, 2006
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