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getting brain farts to the point of exhaustion.
I've been having brain farts so often this past week, its starting to feel like brain diarrhea...

This brain diarrhea is really affecting my semester's grade.
by David Fate February 05, 2009
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An affliction where a constant stream of crap spews out of a person's mouth.
Peep1: Wow that guy just doesn't know when to shut up.
Peep2: Lol, some people say whatever they think whenever they think it.
Peep3: Ya, he has Brain Diarrhea.
by jazsd July 18, 2013
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A severely worse version of a brain fart. When you do or say something extremely stupid or forget something everyone and their mother knows.
Dude, when I was taking that test, I had a really bad brain diarrhea.
by Commander Jacob August 27, 2017
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