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Brahp is an exclamation. It is a way to express yourself when you feel there is nothing else to say. It is also commonly used as verb, such as the noise a race car makes. Brahp is a wonderful word to use when there is intense uncomfortable silence or you simply need to get your point across more effectively.

The word is pronounced: Brop
You pull up to a stop light.
The light turns green.
You press your foot down on the gas pedal.
While exclaiming "BRAHHHHHHHP!!!"

Your boss just finished yelling at everyone in your office.
The second he leaves the room you say,
Thus lightening the awkward silence and tension in the room.

You drop a pencil on the floor.
Instead of saying "Oh shit" or "Fuck"
You simply look down and say "Brahp!"
by Rachel L Harper September 26, 2007
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