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1. a person, that resembles one of the family members of the brady bunch, not by looks per se, but mainly by behavior that fits that "perfect, white american" mold.

2. a faggot or a homosexual

3. a pussy of a person, a whimp, a bitch (not female)
1. just talking to that guy gives me the fuckin creeps. that perfect, tv commercial looking face, with his perfect, slicked haircut, his american eagle outfit from his underwear to his sweater, and his radio commercial voice.. fuckin brady buncher, man.

2. dude that guy just bought me a beer at the bar, he was kinda cool.... he's a fuckin brady buncher man, look at him staring at your ass.. holy shit! you're right

3. don't be such a brady buncher, bro. just man up and accept the fact that you're no longer with that whore of an ex-girlfriend of yours. its a good thing you guys broke up. she was fucking half of the staff at the dairy queen on 4th and rural.
by yourmomsboyfriend March 09, 2010
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