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A boyfriend who's now more like a flat mate. On days off work he'll occasionally interact with his girlfriend to use the bathroom or ask for food. He's like a pet, needing food and attention at brief points of the day, but apart from that he disappears into his 'man cave.' Preferring to eat alone, he'll abandon his girlfriend after she cooks for him, making up an excuse to leave when she's half way through her meal, usually saying something like, 'i'm going for a smoke.'

Girlfriend feels as if she's joined an obscure religious order where solitary confinement is part of every day life, and forgets how it feels to be in a relationship.
how's your boyfriend, weren't you engaged?

he's not really a boyfriend anymore, more of a boyf mate.

oh, sorry to hear that.
by artdecolamphead August 19, 2013
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