a tight fitting underwear combination for men's genitalia. It combines the comfort of boxers with the support of briefs. Usually 100% cotton
I cant wear boxers I don't like briefs so I'll got some of them boxerbriefs
by underwear soldier October 22, 2009
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Boxer briefs is a type of underwear that is a hybrid between briefs and boxers (hence the name). Many male athletes and male adolescents wear boxer briefs because of the support and looseness. Boxer briefs are worn in place of a jockstrap for football players. You can also get wedgies in boxer briefs.
1) My burly friend who plays football and quiz bowl wears boxer briefs. I know this because whenever he sits down to play quiz bowl, his waistband of his undies and/or his buttcrack shows. Also, one night, when we slept at an inn, he slept in his underwear.
2) One day, a burly football player was getting ready to leave school. He only had on his boxer briefs. Then, a skinny football player came and got a good grip on his waistband and yanked up. The burly guy was in shock; he looked to see the wedgier. He tried shaking him off, but the boxer briefs kept getting wedged in his fat butt. Finally, RIIIPPPPP!! The boxer briefs fell, defeated and ripped, and the burly guy was naked. The skinny guy was scared, but luckily, the burly guy didn't beat him up and got another pair of undies. He became wedgie buddies with the skinny guy and now gets and gives wedgies.
by bgnteen7 December 27, 2009
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The John Kerry of undergarments, they cannot decide whether they are boxers or briefs. Worn by men who cannot decide whether or not to retire from the NBA.
Michael Jordan is as wishy-washy as his boxer-briefs.
by Imaboxermanmyself February 11, 2006
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underwear for men that's practical for providing the coverage of boxers but the support of tighty whiteys - but for metrosexual dweebs and regular guys that just want practical underwear and are clueless - that they should be man enough to wear regular boxers or just admit they can't give up briefs ('cause they're a nerd, immature, or just going with the flow) and hope no one sees them with their pants down. Yeah I wear all three-but I don't feel hot in bb's, wear briefs when my balls need a rest (and I am part dweeb), and boxers when I wanna feel manly and wear man underwear.
He felt like a nerd in tighty whiteys and he didn't like feeling his tool flop around, so he compromised with boxer briefs.

Boxer briefs are practical, but they're so middle of the road that only men too insecure to decide on boxers or briefs wear them.
by cordero1901 September 02, 2009
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