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A helpful lad, who's always good at telling you what part of the latest trend you've failed to follow. He's always letting you know about cool new sexual apparatuses that never even existed before his beyotch read about them in cosmo. He's well versed in all the fresh urban lingo so he's great to have at the club to stop you from potentially making an ass of yourself. He may appear to be stern or short-tempered when correcting your mistakes but he only expects of you what he expects of himself.
Box Guy: You're not going to the club like that? We need to get you some hoop earings.
Lise: How about these silver ones my grandma gave me.

Box Guy: No way, think bigger.

Lise: Right, sorry.
Box Guy: Do you have a vagina pager, all the girls have those.

Lise: What kind of knob do you think I am?
Box Guy: No, no, no, don't say that in public. It's pronounced n00b.
Lise: Touche.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh February 27, 2010
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