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A long, continuous turd that coils at least 360 degrees around the toilet bowl like a rattlesnake poised to strike.

Extra credit given if the deposit is more than one full circumference in length, if one end actually breaks the surface of the water, and/or if the opposite end is "pebbled" to resemble rattles.

No accompanying floaters or segmentation must be present.

Takes at least two flushes to fully rid the bowl of its vile magnificence. A plumber's absolute nightmare.
You: Dude! That is one gargantuan bowl snake you left . . . didn't your parents ever teach you to flush?

Roommate: I did flush! Twice! That is one tenacious bowl snake!

You (handing Roommate the plunger): You know what to do.

Roommate (handing You the brush): Cover me! I'm going in!
by TANSTAAFL1 February 04, 2011
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