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The religion that follows David Bowie as the rightfull Lord and Heir to the Kingdom of Heaven (aka. the goblin city).
This religion was first created on the 8th of january 1947, and Bowie-geddon is predicted to be somewhere in the year 2043.
The correct way to worship our Lord David Bowie is as follows:
1) Get your David Bowie prayer mat.
2) Lay it on the ground facing The Castle Beyond the Goblin City.
3) Kneel on the matt and bow to The Goblin City whilst uttering the Lords name backwards three times.
4) Still kneeling, sing the hymn, Dance Magic Dance.
5) Wait for the rain.

PRO-TIP: keeping you David Bowie prayer matt in a Castle facing room with leather trousers, lacy shirts and crystal balls will please your Lord David Bowie.
bowieist: eiwob divad, eiwob divad, eiwob divad

bowieism is a legitimate religion! belive! belive!!
by cheesebunny March 07, 2011
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the unwavering, unbreakable worship of david bowie. he is our master and has really kool eyes. he will rise again at the end of time and bring good music back to the earth. he will obliderate: gays, french people, the country of france, 50 cent, people who write krappy books, child molesters, fat chicks, n' the french language. some branches are queenism n' nine-inch nailism n' pretty much anyone that david bowie made a song with... ism
non-bowieist: i wish i was a bowieist, cuz' i dont wanna die at the end of time
bowieist: *kicks non-bowieist in the sack n' laughs, saying...*"u suck, n u kant join bowieism cuz' you're .00000000000001% french"
by nik doyle February 13, 2006
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