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Bowburn is a lovely little place to move to! Although it is a bit rough at times and a lot of Chavs.there so kids running around the streets.but there is the good people who u see now and again. You know most People in bowburn some good,some bad it is a lovely place to move to though! You will always not he crack and the drama with every one and everything like that. there is also a craze going around Abit of an inside joke called the ‘bowburn bun’ This is a messy bun that apparently is for ‘Chavs only’ it’s a place for party animals and somebody’s always celebrating something!.
‘You heading down the park later I have to take me little brother and his mates’

Yeha of course mate’
That defined on what it’s normally like around bowburn
by MillieXx July 01, 2018
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