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(alt. spellings: bougerie, bourgery)
(pronounced: boo'shure-ee)
An object, or group/class of objects, (e.g., clothing, accessories, furniture, housewares, etc.) meant to bestow identification with the upper echelon of the social and economic classes. Particularly evident amongst those of modest upbringing wishing to gain entry into, or at least appear as if one belongs to, the higher socioeconomic classes even though they themselves do not have a sustainable wealth-base to support such extravagances or the associated standard of living.

Usually used in a pejorative or derogative fashion as it relates to a lack of self-esteem or self-worth compensated for through a showy display of externalized material worth/value (through recognized or iconic brands/objects usually associated with a higher social or economic class than one's own). The differentiating criteria being whether said object is an extravagance or something that would be a reasonable expense within one's economic means; and whether it's appreciated for it's showy display and socio-economic associations, or appreciated (usually as a one-off) for it's inherent beauty or value.

(See also bourgy/bougie, nouveau riche)

1. She's usually decked out in bourgerie from head to toe -- God forbid someone mistake her for middle class.

2. Yes, I did notice the Rolex. I believe he has all the left arm sleeves of his suit jackets shortened so that piece of bourgerie isn't missed by anyone.

by TMI May 11, 2008
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