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Content creator on Twitch and YouTube who totally didn't write this urban definition, I mean come on he's the boss, and most likely just ordered someone to write this! Bosster was born on January 29, 2002 as Fredy Acevedo, he started off as a console player when he recieved his first Xbox 360, but then later on he found out about PC gaming and what internet was. His first ever PC game played was Unreal Tournament (1999), he then fell in love with the PC community ever since. A couple years later he decided to upload videos on YouTube which started as regular clips but then actual serious gameplay. We will see what will happen in the future, his fanbase can't possibly grow with the competition going on, can it?
Dude #1: Bro have you followed bossterFFA on Twitch yet, or even YouTube?
Dude #2: No bro I haven't followed him yet, he sounds awesome tho!
Dude #1: What are you waiting for? Go follow him already!
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by CutaneousGerm32 May 26, 2018
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