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The ultimate burrito. A bossrito can only be made by a man. A bossrito is made of the finest ingredients available at any given time in a bachelor's house. Women dare not attempt to eat a bossrito, for they are inedible to women.
Matt: "Hey dude, what we eat?"
Steve: "I dont know dude."
Matt: "How about a bossrito?"
Steve: "Mmmm, sounds tasty."
Matt: "Dont make me kill you."
Steve: "What you say? Shiggity Shiggity Shwa."
Matt: "How are chu doin big mang?"
Steve: "I have bubbly guts, but I'm ok."
Matt: "Do you want me to give you spirit fingers?"
Steve: "Please do."
by matt steve josh May 05, 2006
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