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Boris the cat, is a person who will go way out of their way to help you, they will do anything they possibly can to make you feel better about your self, or your situation. This perticular person was braught up to be your guidenece, and to help you through anything you need help with. This is a one a in a million person, who always looks on the bright side, always walks around with a smile, always makes a joke out of everything, and trys to laugh it off. This is the person you will love, and you know that they will not judge you, no matter what you've done for what reason, they will always be there for you, no matter what. If you do get close enough to that person, as a friend, they will even get them selves into fights just to protect you, just to be that friend, that missing link, that older brother, that guaridan angle you've always wanted as a child. That best friend. This person will never leave you. They will listen, they will understand, they will talk you through your problems, they wont say anything if you don't want, or they will try give you adcive and help you through it. If you ever meet a person as great as this, never let them go.
You happen to be going through trouble at home, and at school. You feel there is no where you can go to for advice, or a shoulder to lean or cry on, then you remember that one special person that you can turn to, no matter what time of night or day, no matter how big or small your "problem" is, or even if you just want a chit chat because you're feeling down, this person will know, and will be there. Boris the cat will be the best thing that will come into your life, a person that you will never forget.
by boristhecat January 17, 2008
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