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An anonymous website for students of Dartmouth College that tends to be used to gossip, troll, rank frats/sororities, and poll about random questions. In the past many users would post the name of a classmate so that they would be made fun of by everyone else. The current admin, known as "Jae Daemon," has been recently working to reform the atmosphere on the website and reduce the amount of names of students that are posted.

Users can earn badges on the site in a number of ways, such as posting a certain number of times, earning a number of replies/agrees/disagree, or posting links that are clicked a number of times.

Some people choose to associate a profile name and sometimes a picture with their account. If they post frequently enough they come to be known as "personalities." Many personalities post in their own distinctive style or tone based off of the profile name they have chosen.
I woke up this morning and discovered I had 50 notifications on bored@baker! Then I realized they were all replies to the thread that I had replied to.

Dartmouth Student A: "Hey... have you ever gone on Bored@baker?"
Dartmouth Student B: "Yeah, but not anymore. They say such mean things there!"

Dartmouth guy "Ever since I started using bored@baker I have been procrastinating more than ever!"
by DartmouthStudent April 07, 2011
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