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relates to the sport of rowing, or crew

Noun: borderbitch, borderbitching
To be a boat in a bordering lane of a race, i.e. the outside lanes that usually catch the strongest wind and wakes while the middle lanes stay sheltered. Sometimes bordering lanes are left unmarked, forcing the borderbitch crew to steer off of another crew in the adjacent lane.

Verb: to borderbitch
1: Hey man, what lane are you in for your race?
2: Lane 8...the unmarked lane closest to shore right by the rocks
1: borderbitching. rough.
2: yeah. we don't even have a real stakeboat to hold us down at the start.

Rower: what lane are we in for our race?
Coxswain: we're borderbitching.
Rower: Dammit.
by brower_wvcll July 03, 2010
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