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An adjective that describes the intensity of an action or the appearance of an object. Use of word is closely related to descriptive words such as awesome and wicked. The intensity placement of bopat would be above awesome but below wicked.
Common misunderstandings of this word include using it in the form of a noun, for example: you can't say, "I will punch you in the bopat", because you can't punch intensity, with the exception of David Ly, because he dances like a god in a Speedo, and only Gods wear Speedos.
- That car is so BOPAT!
- Bumblebee would be bopat-sick, and Optimus Prime would be wicked-sick, but Optimustron-MegaPrime would be "holy shit" because there is no word to describe the intensity of this combination.
by William Tham June 28, 2008
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