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the terrible diarrhea that one sometimes encounters after a long night of drinking. Whether during the night when you're drunk, or the day after when you're hung over, you sometimes get the runs of liquidy and stinky poo which can be classified as booze ooze.
yo man last night was so much fun, i got sooo wasted. but today is no joke, i got a case of some booze ooze to deal with, fuckin sucks...
by uncle randy August 06, 2010
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Booze Ooze is clearly a word derived from Booze + Ooze.

Booze refers to a 'Hard liquor' or 'An alcoholic beverage.'

Ooze refers to '(noun)the sluggish flow of a fluid.' or '(verb)slow trickle or seep out of something.'

So, BoozeOoze refers to a flow of booze.
noun: this beer, tastes so good that i am gonna have a boozeooze by drinking it.
verb: this drink gives a powerful impression of BoozeOoze

P.S: It surely is not a negative word, i can feel the good vibes from it :)
by beright September 27, 2015
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