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When a guy/girl contacts you in the early hours of the morning asking you to come over. Basically, a bootycall via facebook.
At 2:00 AM, Michael asked Joanie to come watch a movie. Upon arriving, she discovered that there was no movie present. When he began an attempt to feel her up, she realized that she had been bootybooked.
by Sexonator April 01, 2009
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(v) the act of getting booty called over Facebook. Generally done via Facebook chat around 2 in the morning. Used when the girl or guy either doesn't have the recipients phone number or is such a troll that no one would give him/her their number.

The recipient is usually already PTFO'd (generally from excessive drinking) and just forgot to log out of their facebook.
Dude 1: This girl totally booty booked me last night!

Dude 2: WTF is a booty book?

Dude 1: It's when a girl booty calls you over Facebook.

Dude 2: Did you respond?

Dude 1: Hell no, that girl was a troll
by TheMadMangyMoose August 29, 2011
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