What a 42 year old white bitch says when she trys to "rap".
I can rap yall! watch! boots and cats and boots and cats
by thebigbadman December 1, 2020
boots and cats and cats and boots is what stupid people use to rap instead of just boots and cats. it can get very catchy tho i must admit
boots and cats and cats and boots u suck camel dick
by camel dick sucker September 1, 2021
Boots is the best cat you will ever find.He will always be there for you and you will never feel down when you’re around him.His meows are the cutest noises ever!He is friendly and playful but if you annoy him he won’t be afraid to show you who’s boss!
Boots (cat) is the cutest cat you will ever know
by Tuttleowl November 7, 2017