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A completely stupid, illiterate, irritating and above all inhumane individual. Appears to partake in what may be referred to as ‘objectives’, in this case all other parties are ignored in order to achieve success. Completely immoral, would literally stab somebody in the back for one dollar. Obsessed with Tungsten and possibly other elements commonly found on the periodic table.

Unaware of the meaning of the term 'hygiene'. May be armed with vibrators and/or dildos in order to frame a victim. Fluent in bullshit and idiocy.

For monetary gain, as low as 10 dollars, boongalicious individuals are known to jump into bodies of water, often indoor swimming pools and lakes. Will steal from family and caretakers for social acceptance.

Head is completely disproportionate to body, nose is far too large. Perhaps the dumbest species to walk the Earth. Rather rare, believed to be a member of the Camelus family. Known to make jokes to itself, and laugh uncontrollably. Tests have proved a large portion to be of homosexual nature, often attempting to bond with homosapiens of the same sex. May be produced in a failed attempt of coitus interruptus.
Brian: Tyron you boongalicious piece of shit get out of the fucking pool and back into your cage, NOW!

Tyron: (nothing)
by IDecideOnThisShit July 03, 2011
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