the act of actively trying to pickup someone on the social networking site facebook
friend 1: Hey whos this girl on your Facebook man?
friend 2: Ohh her, just a book bang in progress

friend 1: Hey is John ever going to get a girlfriend?
friend2: Nah, he just book bangs the girls he meets on facebook.
by jrmcd December 14, 2009
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A college party at which girls get laid to pay for the cost of their books. See also, prostitution.
Let's go pick up some hot chicks at the book bang.
by m0 February 2, 2008
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The list of 18+ people that a 17 year old wants to bang or do sexual activities with when they are 18 years of age (the normalized age of consent globally)
I’m definitely putting Mark Zuckerberg in the 18 bang book meta quest is too good for zuck to not get fucked
by Thatsabruhmoment July 5, 2023
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