Da Bronx, de only boro on de mainland, in the N.Y.c. The birthplace of hip-hop, on Sedgewick Avenue homes
Tottenville is still iller than tha BX boogie down
by City Kid January 31, 2005
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v. to travel in a quick and efficient way for happy purposes; to party with enthusiasm, similar to get down
I am so glad it is Friday night. I think I'll get together with my buds and boogie on down to the city to boogie down.
by Michael Gannett February 22, 2006
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When something is really cool you say boogiedown
even cooler is partaydown
Steve:I won a million dollars and ill give some to you
Urethra Franklin: Awwwww boogiedown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by boogiedown to the maximam January 29, 2010
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