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A pet name used to address one, to whom you have much affection for. Couples who use this term are often immulated by jealous or rival couples, in attempts to give themselves false hope of becomming the original booface-using duo.
"Dame besos, booface."

"OOOOh, they say booface, so should we!"
by papiB January 22, 2006
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The face of your Boo, or significant other. A common flattery term one chooses to use for their replacing other pet names. Typically used with the younger generation, college couples.
Hey Boo Face, get your sexy self over here.

"Who is that new girl?"
"Oh that's Leslie, she's my Boo Face"
by Belikin April 08, 2013
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Another term for boyfriend/girlfriend. Usually used in a context to address other people's significant others, sometimes just in a teasing manner. But often couples use it as their pet names for each other.
Situation 1
Friend: "How's your booface?"
You: "He's good."

Situation 2
Friend: "How's your booface?"
You: "He's not my boyfriend! We're just friends!"
Friend: "Well I saw you guys walking down the hall together."
You: "We were just talking!"
Friend: "You know you like him."
You: "Yeah, I do."
Friend: "Bummer."

by ur_booface February 06, 2008
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booface is a term of endearment used to describe a best friend whom you’d call family. we believe family comes in all different shapes, colors, and sizes–the people who are there when you need love the most. those are our boofaces. our core belief is to treat friends like family and family like friends.
i love my boofaces.

my booface is always there for me no matter what.
by booface.babybooface August 20, 2010
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1. short for "booty face"*
2. an ugly when you see them, it makes you wanna scream boo because they're ugly.
2. a starer, someone who stares a lot, maybe at you...
3. a scary/ugly face like those Boo ghosts on Mario.
4. or just a funny name for someone who made a negative comment towards you, usually playful.
5. stupid/jankity
*if you say "bootyface" really fast, it comes out sounding like "booface"
1. "I KNOW you ain't talkin' witcho booface self!"
2. "She said you're fat." --"Well at least I don't have a booface like hers."
2. Someone is staring at say "Boo!" because you don't like them staring at you.
3. "Dang, he gots an ugly booface; he should get a job workin' at Bowser's castle."
4. "Why are your toes so spaced apart? Hahaha!" --"Shut up, you booface!"
5. "Ugh, this boofaced computer is being slow again!"
by edikachef March 22, 2008
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A face that is stupid. A face that some one would see and instantly exclaim, "BOO!"
Guy #1: Jeez, Ashley has such a boo face.
Guy #2: Yeah, dude, the other day I was walking in the hallway and I saw her and I was like, "BOOOO!
by thecoolestpersonintheworld1234 January 10, 2011
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