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noun. ALTERNATIVE: cleavage catch. a game in which you try to throw various small objects down a woman's cleavage.
Amy was wearing this really low-cut shirt, and we had a bunch of Skittles, so we played boobsketball.
by anissa June 16, 2004
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to try multiple times to get something little in a girls cleavage or down her shirt.
Kevin kept playing boobsket ball with Lisa by trying to throw little paper balls down her shirt.
by ohhnoitslisa September 15, 2007
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The act of playing basket ball but will small paper balls and a woman's boobs. The paper ball being the ball and her boobs being the basket. Usually done without permission.
Guy 1: Wana play some boobsket ball with her?
Guy 2: sure.
*Guy 1 shoots and bounces off*
Girl 1: What the hell?
*guy 2 shoots and goes down her shirts*
Girl 1: What the hell!?
Guy 2: YES!
by Sethisgreen18 January 30, 2012
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When a girl with sweet knockers is showing lots of cleavage and you throw things inside her shirt
Yo me and jon played boobsketball with that fine ass honey with great cans
by Partygirl102 June 05, 2014
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Playing a game of Basket Ball with a pair of huge tits. Afterwards the man retrieves the balls with his mouth.
"Hey Babe. Nice titties"
"Can i play Boobsketball with them"
by LoughOutLoud June 24, 2016
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boob-sketball amo: small pieces of food, cheese-its, gold fish

points:1-point if you get it into the shirt and they have to dig for it; 2-points if you get it in the jacket (still near the neckline), and they still have to dig for it
by cheesefacee December 09, 2011
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boobsketball: when u try to flip quarters down your teachers shirt during class
alex scored 2 points in the classic game of boobsketball by getting he quarter down the shirt
by ';lkjhgfdsa August 16, 2006
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