booboisie (adj., n.) ("büb-"wä-'zE) is a blend of boob and bourgeoisie coined by the late great critic, writer, and radical thinker, H.L. Mencken (1880-1956). In the plural, Mencken used booboisie to describe the ignorant members of "Main Street America." The singular is also booboisie, which Mencken used to describe “a professional man who conforms unthinkingly to prevailing middle-class standards.”
“No one in this world, so far as I know ... has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of booboisie.”
by true dough January 23, 2007
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Noun: A word coined by writer and journalist H.L. Mencken and still widely used today - see Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert et al.- a combo of the words bourgeoisie and boob, meaning the social class between the aristocracy and the plebes; the Great Middle Class; a "Cross Section of the American Public". In this slang form the divisions are more often mental than monetary .
You belong to the Booboisie if: 1.You believe anything told to you by a politician. 2. you watch Oprah. 3. You have ever googled Britney or Paris. 4. You think the theory of evolution is a fallacy promoted by godless liberals and homosexuals. 5. You wear garments with other peoples names and initials on them (see Louis Vuitton, Vans, Sean John, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfigger, etc.) and think this makes you look cool, when you are actually a walking billboard. 6. You text your picks to "American Idol". 7. You don't think Global Warming is a problem. ...Oh, and so much more..
by magill March 25, 2008
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