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Boobalosis is a condition where you have an invisible boob sticking out of your forehead.
in simple terms Boobalosis means you are fucking retarded bitch.
also known as "'slow thinker''

Boobalosis is also defined as a person who is a bitch or a hoe, a person that practically sleeps with everyone!
Joemasepuss: LOOK AT HER BRO!
Kim: shes a hoe
Joemasepuss: ohh shes one of those Boobalosis infected girls!
Kim: she slept with my crush on my birthday, imagine what type of sicko is she?
Joemasepuss: SHE definitely HAS BOOBALOSIS!
by babyjx November 08, 2018
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The obsession with tits on the computer which results in the lost of eating and sleeping which later results in death
Boobalosis kills 10 people per day

Person A: "Hey, what's up?"

Person B: "My cousin just died of Boobalosis."

Person A: "Boobalosis?"

Person B: "Obsession of tits resulting in death."

Person A: "Death by boobs? Who woulda thought."
by Laxer22 February 16, 2008
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