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Is a band from Carson, California (usa)which reached the peak of it's popularity in the mid 80s. The styles they are associated with are P-funk, gangsta rap (dr dre, ice t), to rap metal (rage against the machine) composed of 6 samoans brothers who got into music when they were young in order to stay away from the gang activity in their neighbourhood. They are considered to be pioneers of a certain type of hip hop which they played with real instruments as opposed to modern computer generated production (even though they still excelled in the making of such). They also had skills for dance and put on quite a good show when on stage (most of the familly is overweight samoan gangster like and their sound has really groovy beats, check em out!). The boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E. recorded the song 911 with Eminem and B-Real (mc for Cypress Hill).
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by Dogggggg April 30, 2009
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