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the constipated face Nick makes when he's just ripped a massive bong.
hey Peters, look at Nick's bong face! hahahaha
by Nick Fannin March 22, 2007
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The intense headrush and subsequent complete knockout punch that comes immediately after smoking a gigantic rip of marijuana out of a bong. Typically the person experiencing bongface is incapable of speech or even thought for about one minute, after which the high disperses throughout the body, and the user becomes pleasantly blazed.
Person 1: /takes massive bong hit
Person 2: Dude, you're about to get the craziest bongface.
Person 1: /incoherent speech while closing eyes tightly and putting head in arms
by Samuel Macintosh November 23, 2012
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The made up Magic: The Gathering card that says every player must take a bong hit at the beginning of their upkeep, what the hell take 3.
Alright, ill pay 3 for BONG FACE.
by Remix123343 August 27, 2008
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The look a person gets when they try their first beer bong. A mixture of surprise, pain, and joy. Usually the eyes become huge, but then revert to normal in an attempt to act "cool".
When he first triet that beerbong, man, you shoulda seen his bongface, it was crazy!
by Doctor Swiing August 24, 2007
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