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To take a bong rip in the nude, also colloquially known as taking a McConaughey.
"What are you doing right now, dude?"
"I'm about to take a couple McConaugheys."
"Right on. Bong out with your dong out."
by OsirusR November 10, 2009
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Verb-The art of smoking weed while being nude; alone or in a group setting.
Caller 1- Hey bro whats happening tonight?
Caller 2- Not much, just got out of the shower it's 420 I'm about to smoke out.
Caller 1- Oh you mean you're gonna bong out with your dong out?? !!!
Caller 2- Yeah, I get it, that's hilarious! Stop on by, we can have a circle jerk!
by Coolkit January 21, 2014
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