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Any sex act where there are many more males than females. This act is most commonly referred to as a gang bang.
Kevin, Slippy, stinky Hank and Pablo gave Frank's mom the bonerstorm last saturday. She was unable to walk until tuesday.
by Ricochet Jones August 19, 2006
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1. A location where there are many more males present than females.

2. A situation where the number of males is much higher than desired, regardless of the number of females.

3. Several males in one location all becoming aroused at the same moment.
I can't believe how many guys go to your school, what a total bonerstorm!

Once the girls left the party it turned into a total bonerstorm.

When she came into the room wearing her wet t-shirt it started a total bonerstorm among us guys.
by Sl33py April 24, 2006
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When one's partner does not offer sexual relief for some time, then one night or day, begins to tease or contantly arouse the victim, causing the victim to constantly gain and lose a boner, which eventually causes small quater sized wet marks in the victim's underware.
"The girls at the club gave me a boner storm, now I need new sweat pants"
by Dejackamo VonRictor January 11, 2007
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