An utterance of encouragement to treat a person/thing as being one's permanent possession/property, free to be mistreated/misused, especially when both the encourager and encouragee know such not to be the case. Commonly done when loss/destruction of a partner/object is imminent, or when one does not take the partner's next partner/item's next owner into consideration.
Kris: I don't think it's going to work between Jamil and me. Our relationship seems so tenuous.
Paul: When you know it's all but over, bone it like you own it!

Andreas: I've been using Paul's car while he's on a 5-week hike, but I'm afraid that it's about to die of its own accord.
Booby: If it's on its way out anyway, bone it like you own it.
by Bachelor boB September 21, 2012
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