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When one guy tries to check out another guy's unit at the urinal.
I hate pissing next to Fred. He always tries to bone hawk me.
by jdogtex May 17, 2007
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The seductive gaze or stare a woman utilizes to communicate and/or insinuate that the sight of a man sexually stimulates her to the point where she needs to have sex with you immediately and then discard her panties.
"Dude the new bartender loves to bonehawk me, I wish I was single because I want to bone her out."

"Did you see that chick bonhehawk you on the way in? The blond skank at the door wearing the sweat suit, take her home."

Introduction Example:

Man walks by woman.
Female: <BONEHAWK>
Male: "Hi I'm Captain Douchebag, can I buy you a drink?"
Female: <INTENSE BONEHAWK> "Lets go to your house."
by Badmofo420 January 31, 2011
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