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A sheer overwhelming amount of bonchial surface area. ---May also be used to indicate the presence of bonch or "bonch-like" particles, oils, cells, follicles, extracts, hairs or aromas.
---A perpetual visitation of the bonchal region by one's genitalia, oral orifice, or semenal discharge splatter.

--A mutated or roided up skin patch or bonch dermis; Any taint hair and/or taint folicles at which bonch hair has or had the capacity to emerge.

Pretty much any contact with a bonch, or multiple bonch-i. would allow for one to suggest that the event be deemed a "bonchapalooza"
Until last Monday, I had know idea how Jessica felt about Naomi. Let's just say Jessica was not fazed by her dedicated involvement in the Bonchapalooza!
by urbannozzler August 02, 2009
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