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1.) n. A piece of music which starts out with a low rumble (riff or other sound) and explodes into the intro or first verse with a large volume gain.
(IE: RATM: Bombtrack, Disturbed: The Sickness)
by SquattyPie July 19, 2003
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Another term for cool that soccer players use on a regular basis because they think saying bomb track is actually bomb track.
Mama: So Bryan, how was your evening last night?
Bryan: Yo, um dude, so check it out, I took down a big Hebrew National last night, and that shit was bomb track.
Mama: I love you
by jimmythegun January 25, 2008
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To follow a particularly attractive person with your eyes, as in you think someone is the bomb and thus, continue to "track" them within your line of sight.
Overly Muscular Male: Yo, bro, what're you lookin' at?
Slightly Less Muscular Comrade: Nothing much, man, just bomb-tracking that girl over there.
by the Trash February 13, 2009
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