1. A commonly-uttered phrase by theater directors when urging actors to be brave and expressive during their auditions.

2. Turning out the lights so that you can stick your penis in a hole not previously discussed by you and your partner. (This innuendo was crafted by my friend and I when we felt like parodizing our director's excessive use of the phrase "bold choices".
1. I want to see plenty of bold choices at auditions tomorrow!

2. Last night, I turned out the lights and made some bold choices with my woman.
by Sub30ms September 14, 2007
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The ability to choose an appropriate tactic for an action in a scene. If done correctly, the director may announce, "Wow, what a bold choice!" Only bold choices lead to great acting; the rest is crap. Although, some bold choices may not be correct. In that case, revamp your bold choice so that it aptly fits your character.
While singing, "Memory" from Cats, Liza proceeded to lunge toward the director. Her bold choice was incorrect

On the other hand, Chita was singing "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago while incorporating a hip shimmy which perfectly illustrated her lyrics. CORRECT BOLD CHOICE!
by Carol Burnett April 10, 2007
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A decision that requires you to have courage in the face of naysayers and that wil define you or change your entire life.
Wayne Gretzky being traded to the LA Kings was a bold choice that effected the entire town of Ontario.

Michael Jordan's decision to quit basketball for golf was a bold choice that didn't work out so well.

A commercial from Jim Beam starring Willem Dafoe where he is a chess champion, a warehouse worker, a circus performer, etc.
by Gina Rowlands September 26, 2011
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