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Surname of the most epic of cockblockers. On March 15th, 2008 the day also known as the Ides of March, a epic cockblock took place on a momentus scale. Four guys at the Dark Horse Tavern in Kansas City were cockblocked on such a epic scale by their friend, Boeggeman, that the use of word cockblock has ceased to exist. It was if the gods of ancient times finally had seen enough of men being punished by cockblocking and decided Boeggeman was a much harsher word. However there are millions of Boeggemans world wide. Thanks to the Kansas City four, men world wide can now express their outrage of a cockblocker with much more malice and hatred. Boeggeman can be used as a linking verb, noun, pronoun, noun,or adjective. Boeggeman at it's most simple meaning is "The Ultimate Cockblocker" It can also be used to describe douchebaggery, vomiting on their own PC / keyboard, and breaking peoples bongs. It is an highly evolving word which is forever expanding it's grammatical usage.
Jesus christ guys don't bring Aaron he is such a boeggeman.
Let's find another bar because this one is full of boeggemans.
Those cops that brought me home last night were such boeggemons.
You totally boggemon'd my afternoon of having sex and smoking my bong dude.
Which one of you god damn boeggemons plays World of Warcraft?
by Ludwig got Boeggemon'd March 17, 2008
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Its the epic Cock block that can block 4 cocks in 1 sentence. Hailing from the dark horse tavern last night in Kansas City a new level of cock blocking was born with over 7 girls being turned away.
by Patrick Grantello March 16, 2008
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