A term used to identify a person who is part of the Leathermouth Street team. This Street Team will eventually take over the world, so watch yo'self. Currently invading myspace,buzznet & facebook for hostile takeovers. Coming soon to a website near you. Join the ranks or suffer the consequences. It's 'Leathermouthstreet' on myspazz, rememberthat. Word.
"Are you a Body Snatcher?"
"Dude, your a Body Snatcher? Gold!"
by Leathermouth Street Team August 27, 2007
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The people who show up on death scenes and dead body calls to help the coroner move the deceased.
"Thank God for the Body-Snatchers, no way I'm moving that bloated maggot man after he's been marinating in the summer heat for a week."
"Do you know how hard it is to get dead guy juices out of a bulletproof vest? That's why cops let the body-snatchers move the victims on a death call."
by Officer C November 08, 2018
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One of those girls who has a girl crush on another girl, and who becomes a close friend. They then begin to copy said friend's every move, and change thier appearance to resemble them. The goal of the body snatcher is to become the other girl entirely. Warning signs that a friend is in fact a body snatcher: clinginess, an adoption of one's own personal method of speech, multiple calls from said person, clothing missing from one's closet, the disappearance of one's toenail clippings, and waking up one morning, with the odd sensation that someone has been in the room, to find a chunk of one's hair missing.
"Do you see that girl who follows Stephanie around all the time?"

"Yea, she says Stephanie is her best friend. She dyed her hair to match her yesterday."

"I know, she is a body snatcher if I ever saw one."
by eleanor-grace March 31, 2008
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