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Most likely plays guitar and sings in a dance rock band. Influenced by all types of music. Quick witted sarcastic shit talker. Smokes blunts to the dome and guaranteed he saves the roaches for future lifts. Addicted to making stickers to post around town. He probably loves every show on adult swim. Has random tattoos.probably collects vinyl and spins at house parties and shows with friends.Most likely is in an art group.Most trustworthy person you'll know. Will eat half a burrito and bring it out two hours later and tease you with it cause you ate all of yours. Peaceful Realist.
"Damn Bobv sure is a hipster"

"Yo Bobv do you have any roaches from last night"

"Hey Bobv, I just saw some of your stickers around my work"
by Anonymoushipster420 November 19, 2013
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