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Generally used as acronym for a corrupt police officer/s that he/she usually turns a blind eye to illegal activities of criminals in exchange most probably for disposable income or "*to boost the funds of a precinct/police station*"

*Example taken from the motion picture:SAFE-(Film Description Below If Your Interested)Luke Wright (Jason Statham) is a two-bit cage fighter, until the day he throws a fixed match. In retaliation, the Russian mob murders his family and destroys his life. Though alone and haunted by grief, Luke springs into action to save a Chinese girl (Catherine Chan) from the same gangsters who killed his family -- and lands in the middle of a high-stakes war. The girl is no ordinary child; she's a math prodigy who holds in her head a numerical code for which various factions are ready to kill.
"The Chief of Police is really working for the Russians!"-Journalist Of Newspaper
Editor Of Newspaper-"You could say he's a "bob on the rob".
by _banter_ October 11, 2015
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1.Generally to describe a corrupt copper giving out confidential information or one who turns a "blind eye" to illegal activities usually in exchange for disposable income (money:£/$)
The chief of police is really a "Bob On The Rob" doing the dirty work for the russians.
by _banter_ October 11, 2015
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