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used in mario kart double dash; allows you to dodge green and red shells. if you're really, really good, then you can sometimes dodge the blue shell. if you know how to use it right, you can increase your lap time and boost around corners with precision! called blue boost because it gives your vehicle a boost and it looks like a blue flame coming from the tires.
Person 1: I just dodged your red shell with the blue boost.

Person 2: Damn it!
by basswood May 18, 2009
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Name given to rough sex in order to alleviate the symptoms of "blue balls".

Often performed forcefully and without consent.

Stems from the added power blue flames give a racer in Mario Kart.
Mary knew I had blue balls and still teased me at the party so I followed her home and blue boosted into her while she struggled.
by surprisefather February 16, 2011
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