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a form of sexual torture when a lady has sex with a dude and stops right before he orgasms, leaving him with blue balls syndrome.
Ethan was pulled into his girlfriend’s apartment and was tugged onto the bed. They performed foreplay, then Ethan started eating her out. His girlfriend returned the favour by giving him a blowjob. Ethan felt immense pleasure and his breathing became uneven. Then he was right about to orgasm when she pulled out.

“What happened?”


Ethan was naked, wanting more.

“C’mon, gimme more!


“Just finish the job!”

Ethan was promptly kicked out, naked on the street. He then felt a swelling sensation on his balls. It felt as all circulation was cut off. He grasped his balls in pain and doubled over. His balls bragged across the pavement as he tried crawling away. He is a victim to the blue balls tease.
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by Well, shit. January 17, 2018
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