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1. The sounds made by semen while exiting the penis during ejaculation.

2. Jizzing.

3. Displaying excitement and or extreme interest in an activity.

4. The sounds is typically not audible, this term is typically used in email or texting.

5. During verbal conversation, you may extend two hands from your penis as if you are holding a three foot hose weighing approximately thirty-five pounds, then place your tongue outside your mouth one half inch, close your lips around your tongue and expell air rapidly. While conducting the aforementioned activity the sound "BLPSS" should occur, this is how to properly convey excitement and/or interest in an activity in a public setting.
1. Q>What do you think of Penelope Cruz's ass?

A> Blpss, I like it.

2. Blpss, this is really good chocolate ice cream.
by Jean Matell December 13, 2009
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