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Blow Job Guilt is when a guy spends anywhere between an hour or half a day begging his girl for a blow job, gets it, and then feels guilt afterwards.

Normally it goes in three stages:
1) Initially requesting the blow job and getting turned down.
2) Begging and pleading.
3) Turning sour, childish, or even angry after some time.

She finally gives it to him, and he feels bad when he realizes that he feels really good afterward and she is visibly upset/disppointed/feels used/feels like a cheap whore.
GUY: Hey baby, why doncha go down on me?
GIRL:I've got stuff to do, and I don't feel well.
GUY: Aw come on, baby.

(twenty minutes later)

GUY: Hey baby, come on, come on. Youre so hot, and it's turning me on. You know I love you.
GIRL: I think I have a fever, and I'm still upset cos my grandma died yesterday.
GUY: Aw come on.

(twenty minutes later)

GUY: Shit, how come all my pals get it whenever they want but .. what the hell.
GIRL: Look, I just don't feel like it, okay?
GUY: Aw what the hell. I guess you just don't love me even after all I do for you. Shit.
GIRL: Okay, okay fine!

(after he finishes)

GUY: Hey? Hey baby? What's wrong? You okay?... Hey you hungry? Hey how bout I take you to McDonalds like I've always been promising you.
GIRL: (thinking) Oh he's just got blow job guilt.
by miraeja September 22, 2007
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To receive a blowjob from a nasty dirtybutt girl and feel ashamed.
I have too much blowjob guilt from that dirtybutt girl to tell anyone about it.
by SegudaKuchiyose September 22, 2016
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