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1. (noun) A nicer way of saying "blonde lesbian" or blond-dyke.
2. (adjective) Extremely bright; having the appearance of being lit by sunlight.
3. (verb) To leave the scene of drama before it involves you.
4. (noun) A light colored tiny penis.
5. (noun) A blonde girl who will do anything for the limelight when the time is right.

Fun Fact:
The word "blondite" is most commonly used when referring to one's small, lightly colored penis. This meaning of the word originated from "blond" meaning "light" and "ite" meaning "little".
1. That blondite at the club last night was all up on Sally Jane.
2. My hair was so blondite in the fields this afternoon
3. That girl blondited the fight a couple seconds ago.
4. His blondite was so not satisfying.
5. He will do anything for a blondite.
by Curry-itch-mee December 01, 2013
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