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(you have this defined already, just not spelled correctly) When describing a female and using the word "blonde" as a noun or adjective, the correct use would be the feminine form of the word (blonde...not blond). Without the "e", it is describing a male. So, when defining the word BLONDETOURAGE as pertaining to women, it must not be spelled in the masculine form, Blondtourage.

The definition you have on the site is fine: "A posse of attention-grabbing blonde socialites or starlets who travel in packs."

But this one is better:

An entourage of attention-grabbing blondes who travel in packs while celebrating the blonde lifestyle and looking GORGEOUS doing it.
Hugh Hefner and his gorgeous blondetourage will be at our party! The Girl's Next Door, Holly, Bridget, and Kendra and total BLONDETOURAGE hotties!
by Blondetourage April 29, 2008
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A group of Blonde BAMFs have strong presence whenever appearing together. Whether its 2 or 10, they always make an impression.

Although Blondes are sometimes associated with unintelligence these B²AMFS (Blonde Bad Ass Mother Fuckers) are highly educated career woman who are into making a lot of money for themselves and having fun. They often **blondeside their haters.

The Blondetourage hair color varies from but is not limited to the following:

platinum blonde
strawberry blonde
caramel blonde
ash blonde
dirty blonde
sandy blonde
golden blonde

While many are natural blonde; brunettes and redheads are ALWAYS welcome to join!! Membership is based on approval of the President and V.P.

The BLONDETOURAGE is protected by the BLONDEBRIGADE which consists of a tactical unit (usually not natural blonde) that protect from the haters out there. They also fend off men that are inappropriate. These smart, educated sassy girls are the ones you love to hate.

#1 : "Did you see how hot and intelligent that group of girls are. I misjudged Blondes...!! They completely blondesided me..!!"

#2 : " uh yeah its the Blondetourage... B²AMFS no doubt!"
by BLONDEBRIGADE Chief of Staff December 01, 2009
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