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The 'stigmafication' and/or '-sploitation' of an entire genre of individuals (usually female) based solely on hair color and/or hue (the color and/or hue being of light, fair or 'Blonde in nature). Said individuals are generally noted as baing dumb, ditzy or even 'dingy' (just to name a few terms here) simply by their association with their hair color (being namely 'blonde') either by birth or dyed that way. Many would go so far as to assume that a blonde person(s) reading this definition would have no idea what the hell I'm talking about here or who it is this entry is intended to define.
"Does Halloween ever fall on Friday the 13th?'

Just repeating the above mentioned is a clear example of just the kind of rat bastard who's hell bent on blondsploitation and would stop at nothing to give them a spot on his (or her) cable access TV show.

The blonde joke I heard at the Star Trek convention is just another lame example of blondesploitation.
by Pauliapalooza December 05, 2006
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