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similar to 'conscious' thoughts you have only in word format and fired out online. Generally contains mindless, endless and often pretentious personal thoughts and experiences you had or want people to believe you had that day. The world may infact cease to exist and you may appear unfabulous if your dont key out your 'blogscious' thoughts to the rest of the world on your iphone that very minute. An annoying, deluded and narcissistic personality trait of socialites, C list celebrities, self proclaimed 'web celebs' and wannabies.
Conscious Thought 'OMG I cant believe i just saw someone in 'Lilys Bordello' that totally looks like someone like kinda famous. Cant wait to tell everyone'. Blogscious thoughts posted to personal blog online... 'just had drinks in Lilys with Colin Farrell, totally havnt seen him for ages, cant wait to meet him in the Shelbourne of all places next week its been too long, hes looking better then he was after our last little encounter, i will keep you posted!'.......
by LeilahLily June 30, 2011
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