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Expressing your deep inner hatred of the world and everything in it via your blog, message boards, or other "fake internet bullshit."

Inherently pathetic yet somehow deeply therapeutic in a purely superficial way.
And so today my boss reprimanded me, my brother told me I'm not invited to the wedding, and my friend Carrie backed out on the plans to go to Tahoe! Argh! My blograge is strong today.
by unipus December 29, 2004
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blog rage generally happens to close minded people who cannot take a joke, they usually fall for senseless humour or very insensitive humour about cancer or black people or gayness etc. people who suffer from blog rage read random blogs and then just have an internet fit, spewing out all kinds of rubbish and rage at the blogger. a serious scene of blog rage can be identified by a poorly punctuated and grammatically incorrect responses, fueled by emotions and threats to kill or harm the blogger.
blogger : It’s coming to Summer time, and that means more parties, more excessive drinking, and more opportunities for your friends to embarrass you with juvenile behaviour. In this spirit, we present a guide to dealing with a drunk person, the signs to look out for, and how to handle the situation.

blog rage sufferer : This article is the most ignorant thing I have ever seen. Who ever wrote this should be shot dead. You are definately a waste to human life and shouldn’t be allowed to breath the valuable air that can be used for someone who is worth it. You will answer to Gad and you should be very afraid. I am glad I don’t you. I would kill you if I did.
by SiffBachelor December 03, 2009
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